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Jump Start to Reading* offers classes for 4 to 5 year old children who will be starting Kindergarten next year.  These lessons are designed to give young children a great start in reading while having fun and becoming confident on the reading advantage!

Jump Start to Spanish started because we had so many requests from parents for a Spanish class. Now it is our most popular program!

Owner & Teacher

Meli Wagner is the owner and teacher of Jump Start to Reading and Spanish. She came to Houston in 1993 and through the Alternative Teacher Certification Program she became a Bilingual/ESL Teacher in Houston.  She was recognized as District Bilingual teacher of the year in 1996 & Bilingual teacher of the year in 1997.  After moving to College Station, Meli taught Spanish at Kor Education School and she also became certified in Special Education.

Meli and her husband, Paul, have 3 children who are active at school, church and in various sports. Before the family moved to College Station, her children completed the reading classes that Jump Start to Reading now offers!


Her Testimony


"When my son turned 5, we enrolled him in a 10 class reading program in Houston, TX. He came out of each class reading new words and very excited about it! Needless to say my daughter could hardly wait to be old enough to go into that classroom! Ever since we moved to College Station I wanted to bring this program to Aggieland. I am thrilled the time has finally come!"

*NOTE: Jump Start to Reading*  is well known in Houston as Head Start to Reading - The reading advantage*  a program that has been successfully taught since June 2000.  This is an entirely different program from the Head Start curriculum offered at the public school system. 






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